is a writer service that deals in different types of services like essay writing, and research papers, among others. There is a need to know the basics of any writing service and the writing experience with those who have used their services before. Having used, I can share my experience in the form of the following structures and my ratings in each one of them.

Usability and design of the site has a poor design of the site. They do not give a physical address, and this is a clear indication of a company that should not be trusted to help customers. The random adverts in their site also make the site confusing, and it is a good show that they are not specialized in their work. However, if you are keen enough, you will find their address on the next page, the contact page. The category of work is also listed when you check deep in their site, but this should be on the homepage to save your time whether they can handle your work on not. I rate them 2/5.

Quality of writers

This is the most essential aspect that deserves a lot of attention before you choose for your essay writing. I was not happy with them when they did my essay. The essay I got was probably done in a rush and was so weak in content. If that was not the reason, they must have copy pasted what had been done for other students into my work. The grammar and spelling mistakes were all over, and the content was partially plagiarized. Considering this was an academic assignment, the quality was so weak for my strict professor. Therefore, I had to seek services from other writing companies to get the best content. I no longer trust their writers because they can probably mess with your grades. I rate them 1/5.


Freshessays.Com prices depend on your needs. Mostly, students order two pages for undergraduate essay for 14 days. The pricing for this is generally £25 with other companies, but with you will pay an amount not less than £32. This price is so high because most students work on limited budgets. They do not offer any extra service but if you are a new customer 15% discount will be an offer for you. It was my first writing service and because I knew less about writing services, and I now feel I paid more than it should have been putting into consideration that it was an undergraduate work. I rate them 2/5.


If you have such a tight schedule with you that you must choose a writing service to ease your work, should not be your choice. More so if your work is academic assignment and that they have submission deadline may mess with you terribly. To cite my case, they delivered my essay a moment after the said deadline, and worse of all, it was full of errors. I had to seek better services from other companies in a short period, which of course attracted a high price for my work to be done in a day. Their failure to meet the deadlines led me to incur extra cost and narrowly missing to submit my work to my professor. They, however, apologized for this, but it is hard to accept because this was academic work, something that should be handled keenly. Messing with my academic work is messing with my life. I rate them 1.5/5

Customer service

As advertised, is available 24 hour to help you in case you have a question about the order you placed. Unfortunately, it is just, but an advert and you may fail to reach them. When it comes to refund, they are so sluggish about it and rarely do they refund you. I heard this from my friends, and I thought it was a joke until I became a victim. Up to now, they have not credited my account even though they acknowledged the refund long ago. Beware of this safety precaution before you choose to give them your work. Irate them 2/5.

Conclusion is a company that I can rate it at 2/5. This a below average performance and I do not recommend it for you.