seems to be a complete and comprehensive writing service whose primary role is to reduce student’s workload they try to manage daily. They help students achieve grades they deserve with minimal stress and at their comfort. However, all these services come with a price, let’s look at the review for you to gauge if it is the writing service you have been looking for.

Usability and design of the site

Recently, recently changed their website picture to give it a new stylistic look. The new interface is beautiful and attractive, white and purple is their color combination. The newly designed webpage is now convenient and understandable to users. There is nothing much to complain about this site, if it were before the upgrading, I would have had a lot. No more ad pop up which were present in the older design causing a lot of attention distractions.

It doesn’t mean setbacks can’t be present. There lots of random content that bring a lot of confusion as you surf through the site. None will correctly land on the intended information without challenges. You need a pro to take you through if you want to save on time, effort, and practical understanding. For site usability and design, I give 2.5/5.

Quality of writers

Despite not having a testimonial page, the excellent thing to comfort yourself is the presence of reviews that tell more about customer satisfaction in terms of paper quality. Just a scroll down the homepage leads to review though none of them contain the exact date of entry. This raises a lot of alarm as the reviews may be out of, which may not reflect the current quality of service.

For the times have used their services, grammar mistakes are too many with partial plagiarism sometimes. The choice of words and sentence structure are inappropriate; one may think a none native English speaker wrote the work despite their much advertisement about professional writers with minimum qualifications of bachelor’s degree. For the quality of writers, 2/5 will do.


When it comes to prices, seems disorganized, no dedicated page on their site that talks about pricing only an order form are available. The order form is the only way to calculate the cost of your essay, but before using it, you need to have created an account. This is suspicious as it might expose one to spam. The accepted modes of payments include Visa, PayPal, AMEX, and master card. Discounts are only given to regular customers. For the price, 2.5/5 will do.


Deadline is nothing pleasing if you ever think of using writing service. The last time I gave them a 2-page work due in 3 days, I end up being disappointed, that could have been better, I nearly went ungraded. Most of the time have used services, my professor has not only complained about shoddy quality work but also lateness, which is a severe offense in my school punishable by referral. I thank God have never landed on such despite my regular lateness in the name looking for a less costly writing service. For deadline, I give 1.5/5.

Customer service

It is more than obvious that you need a writing service that is customer oriented rather than money oriented because at some point you may need to get in touch, and you expect the best from them. For, this isn’t bad for them; they have a 24/7 live chat support agents for you to channel all your queries. The response rate is okay with polite and friendly support representatives. The only flaw here is that clients are limited to only one channel of communication that is a live chat, which sometimes inconveniences clients due to high traffics: no phone numbers, Skype, email addresses, social media links or any other sort of thing. For customer service, I rate 2/5.


Advertisement of, as well as their site, seems professional but scrutiny reveals otherwise. From even the fact they cannot quote you the price before you create an account, make you smell a rat. If you are ready and willing to not only submit your assignment late but also shoddy work, then go ahead and try services. There is much that needs to be done rather than investing much only in their website design. In overall, I rate this company 2/5.