is one of the most advertised writing services to offer assistance to students in completing their work without much efforts and resources. One thing that most students would like about this company when they view online is the lower prices and a vast array of services they offer for all academic levels. Services provided include but not limited to, research papers, any essay writing, and term papers. After reading all the reviews and all that a company has to offer, before relying on them with your work, a second thought that rings in mind is, do they live up to their promises? review will shade more light about the reliability and efficiency of this company.

Usability and design of the site website is messy. They claim to have been in the writing industry for years, but this not practical, its operation seems like an ongoing developing site. Little information can be found on their website with many pages not found. No location address, the serving country is not specified, no list of services offered, seriously this is not how a professional writing service ought to be. The profile photo does not picture anything about writing service. The site takes ages to load even in stable network connectivity.

Quality of writers

Gauging writers of is a bit tricky since they have little and obsolete reviews from served customers. The only way to know them is after using their services, which is risky because you may end up paying twice to seek better services from other companies. Learn from my experience not to fall on their trap, I did a trial with them, but I was disappointed like never. My work was done as if I had not paid even a single penny, a work that not even a high school student can deliver. My work had no plagiarism issues, but sentence structure and choice of words were inappropriate. Their writers’ recruitment process and qualifications are questionable.


Even though I can’t deny that prices are lower at, the work does not match your pay. I have no feelings about the company, but it is like a throwaway of your hard earned money. There are discount codes you can redeem once you upload your work. Besides the discounts provided, there are other additional features which include title page and bibliography. Depending on features such as deadline, the number of pages and academic level, prices are imposed. Like a 20-page undergraduate essay with a 14days deadline will cost $ while a 15-page college level essay with the same period goes for $. This is a fair price to most students if only they could deliver better quality work.


Sincerely, seems a young company in the writing industry not as advertised; it has only about 100 writers who struggle much to meet the deadline. The shoddy work they submit is evidence of rush due to many workloads that they try to manage within a short span. It is not a surprise to receive work days after the set deadline and expect you to accept the work and thank them. I was even surprised by a writer uploading my work 3days past deadline and requesting for a good rating when I had sort myself in another better service.

Customer service

The support team is not only slow in responding queries but also unprofessional in their work. They act like there is a senior boss who they should seek permission from on particular issues. Some even give unsatisfactory answers, which seem they don’t understand the boundaries of their roles in the company. They talk of money back policy, I requested my money back, but up to now haven’t received the payment even after giving them valid reasons and evidence that I should be refunded/. They only step they have taken is the acknowledgment of my request and an apology.


The level of service delivery cannot match to an academic writing service. A lot needs to be done if this company is to survive the competitive writing market. Everything seems messy in this company from their website, writers, customer support, deadline, in short not to smile about this company. Everything needs to be restructured and re-adjusted. I can’t advise anyone even to try their services, sort your stuff elsewhere not unless you are looking for regrets and disappointments you will never forget.