Ultius, Inc. is a company offering professional writing service. The company provides custom writing services at a fee for various categories of writings. The company notably boasts of the American writers it hires. It should translate to high-quality experiences apart from quality assignments. Some of the issues are the cost per page of the task, quality of the writers, editing services after returning the job, customer support, and the website as a whole.

As such, the following is a review of the major factors that constitute the website and the whole writing process.

Usability and design of the site

The website design for Ultius, Inc. is not the most aesthetically perfect but delivers to the users. It is easily understandable and usable. Additionally, the website is responsive to any device. As such, the user can access the site at any time and place. The design is perfect for new users since it is precise with the descriptions. Equally, the services are accessible in the middle section of the page and at the header of the website. Unfortunately, towards the end of the webpage, there is too much information which can be confusing for a first-time user.

Quality of writer

Ultius, Inc. boasts of 2,000 American writers. They only recruit American graduates for writing purposes. After recruitment, the writers go through training to perfect on business writing, research papers, colleges essays, dissertation, business project, and thesis. The client posts the job, and a relevant writer lands the job in a few hours. It is not clear if the writers are busy or the company lacks a vast array of writers to match the job instantly.

Additionally, the company might be assigning the task to the next best person who does not guarantee quality. Some Ultius reviews show that some customers did not receive editing or met grammar mistakes in their research papers. Such errors belong to the writers, which in turn reflects poorly on the company’s image. While the company strives to deliver, the writers are failing Ultius, Inc. On the other hand, the company might not be allowing for versatility when it restricts to select only American writers.


Ultius charges high rates for its papers considering the prices on other writing companies’ websites. For instance, an undergraduate writer costs $14 per page when editing documents with ten days deadline. Equally, a masters graduate charges $31 per page for a writing paper with a seven days deadline. Fortunately, the company offers discounts given the customer collects the discount code that the company advertises on the website. Nonetheless, the company does not charge for revisions and provides a money back guarantee if the job is not up to the standards the customer specifies in the instructions. Again, the high prices might be a reflection of the job quality or the economic environment of the writers.


The company allows for 3 hours to 60 days deadline, which is favorable considering other platforms have a narrower lifespan. After the customer is satisfied with the writer, the job commences while further communication transpires between the two parties. In other words, as much the deadline is a matter to adhere to strictly, high-quality writing is not an exemption. Additionally, the clients get a grace period of a week to return the job if they notice a mistake in the paper.

Customer service

The site boasts of a 24/7 support. Apart from the call option, the company offers live chatting with the customer support team from the beginning to the end of the writing process. In other words, there is no room for errors if the customer follows up the project. Unfortunately, the customer reviews show that not all the customers get what they ask for from the customer service team. The query may be in terms of urgency or solution. More precisely, the customer service may fail to be available as stated on the website. Fortunately, an issue that a customer posts as customer review get an address immediately.


Ultius, Inc. is a perfect company when it comes to writing, especially for American customers. Unfortunately, the website has a few flaws to address. The issues include customer service response, customer-writer relationship, prices, and website aesthetics. It is, therefore, necessary for the company to solve all the problems should there be a need for 100% delivery. Otherwise, Ultius is objective in how they want to deliver. I give the company a 3/5.