Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Human Dignity Coalition and PFLAG are safe spaces. Since the days of Stonewall our communities nation wide have struggled to provide services and fight for the human rights of every LGBTQQ person in this country.

We cannot and will not abandoned that mission.

Currently there are movements that will come to fruition when the new President takes office – there are anti gay marriage agendas, anti-Trans laws and, most likely Planned Parenthood will be defunded. Our non-profit social justice agencies will be hit hard for funding.

There is never a time to go back into the closet. This is the time to step up so each of us can protect our brothers and sisters. This is the time to “give ’til it hurts” so that agencies can continue the fight on your behalf.

We are here and we are not going away. We will continue to provide love, acceptance and safe places for the LGBTQQ communities nationwide.#gotyourback

Our phones are answered 24/7 – reach out, reach up and join the fight!


Cait Boyce
Community Organizer


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