Clarifying HDC’s position on gun ownership

In a recent article in the Bend Bulletin about gun ownership in the LGBTQ community, a Human Dignity Coalition board member was quoted sharing her personal perspective on a sensitive issue. Her comments were not intended to reflect an organizational position on the gun ownership, however, the context of her comments created some confusion.

Human Dignity Coalition wants to make clear that we neither condone nor oppose lawful gun ownership. We understand that with increasing concerns about harassment, some members of the LGBTQ community may be considering carrying a weapon as one way to feel more safe. We encourage anyone considering gun ownership to educate themselves on the relevant laws and safety measures as well as the potential risks.

Other ways to increase safety include taking a self defense course, learning de-escalation techniques, and knowing your rights and resources. To get more information about local resources or opportunities to learn non-lethal self-defense and safety skills, contact


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